Four organisations approved as Music Australia Delivery Partners with $900,000 pilot funding

Music Australia is delighted to announce the approval of four distinguished Delivery Partners for pilot investments in 2024, aimed at fostering growth and development within the contemporary music industry.

Our Delivery Partners are organisations currently providing services for artists, creative workers, organisations and enterprises, which benefit our creative ecology, communities and audiences.

The chosen partners – The Push, the Association of Artist Managers, Australian Independent Record Labels Association, and the Live Music Office (Live + Local Program) – are set to receive funding to deliver a range of vital services.

Music Australia Director Millie Millgate said, “We’re thrilled to partner with these four leading trade associations and peak bodies, increasing their value and potency for their respective communities, whilst strengthening the Australian music industry ecosystem.”

The pilot programs, which will span one year, are designed to address various sector needs, including industry skills development, youth engagement, and the enhancement of live music presentation at grassroots levels.

Each Delivery Partner will focus on distinct areas of need within the music industry:

  • The Push will receive $250,000 to develop programs aimed at young people entering the music industry, focusing on creative skills, small business practices, and increased sector capacity.
  • The Association of Artist Managers, also allocated $250,000, will provide support and resources for Australian music managers, enhancing skills and business practices to thrive in the evolving industry landscape.
  • Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR) is set to use its $200,000 investment to support independent record labels and distributors, emphasising skills development, digital marketing, and the provision of an annual Awards show and industry conference.
  • The Live Music Office (Live + Local Program), with a $200,000 grant, will partner with local councils to build the capacity of local live music communities, supporting grassroots live music ecologies as the foundation of the industry.

Music Australia will evaluate the impact of these pilot programs at their conclusion, considering their potential transition to multi-year investments for 2025-2028. This strategic approach aims not only to address immediate needs but also to lay the groundwork for sustained industry support and development.

The announcement of the four pilot Music Australia Delivery Partners will be made publicly on Thursday 11 April 2024, via our social media channels and the Awarded Grants page of our website. Music Australia is committed to directly investing in the contemporary music sector, continuously exploring new programs like the Export Music Fund and reinforcing existing ones to ensure a vibrant and thriving industry.

Stay tuned for further updates on our ongoing efforts to support and revitalise the Australian music landscape, as we work hand in hand with our partners to foster a strong, dynamic, and inclusive music industry.

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