Google Cloud Threat Horizons Report 2024 – new year, new cloud threat insights


Google Cloud has published its latest Threat Horizons Report, which provides intelligence-derived threat actor trends, expertise and recommendations to help inform cloud customer security strategies in 2024.

The Google Cloud Threat Horizons Report provides decision-makers with strategic intelligence about threats to cloud enterprise users, along with cloud-specific research, based on intelligence-derived threat actor trends and expertise from Google Cloud security leaders and practitioners. Most importantly, the report delivers recommendations on mitigating these risks and improving cloud security posture from Google’s intelligence and security teams, including Google Cloud’s Office of the CISO, Google’s Threat Analysis Group, Mandiant, and various Google Cloud product teams.

The report’s findings suggest that IT environments are facing an increase in threats, both in number and sophistication. Arguably the most notable highlighting however, is that issues specific to cloud providers were often due to poor security hygiene or mis-configurations, rather than underlying vulnerabilities.

The full report can be read

/Public Release.