Government must swiftly implement Aged Care Taskforce recommendations

Catholic Health Australia

Catholic Health Australia has urged the government to swiftly implement the recommendations of the Aged Care taskforce announced today to create a more sustainable and better quality aged care sector for older Australians.

The taskforce has recommended greater personal contributions to the cost of accommodation and daily living expenses for those who can afford it, while retaining a safety net for others.

“With most aged care providers running at a loss, these sensible and responsible reforms are urgently needed so they can continue to invest and provide quality care for all Australians – whether they be in a city, regional town or remote community,” said Catholic Health Australia CEO Jason Kara.

“As our population ages and more people seek aged care, services will need additional funding to upgrade existing facilities and invest in new places.

“The fairest way to deliver extra funding is to ask people who can afford it to contribute more for their accommodation and living expenses, costs they have covered over their adult lives.

“Right now user contributions do not meet the cost of provision and research has shown people are willing to pay more for their aged care services.

“We commend the government for having the courage to tackle this important issue head on. We urge the government to swiftly adopt these recommendations and stand ready to assist their implementation in any way we can.”

A financially viable aged care sector will ensure that providers are able to innovate so older Australians can receive the higher quality of care they deserve.

A more sustainable funding model for the sector means services will be able to upgrade existing facilities and invest in new residential places.

Catholic Health Australia represents more than 350 aged care facilities, or 12 per cent of all aged care facilities across Australia. This includes more than 27,000 residential aged care beds and around 20 per cent of home care and support services for the elderly.

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