Government’s Future Gas Strategy undermines its own Net Zero Plan

Rewiring Australia

Expanding the gas industry until 2050 and beyond contradicts the government’s own work on a Net Zero Plan and will result in higher energy bills and a devastating increase in greenhouse gas emissions, said Rewiring Australia following the release of the Future Gas Strategy.

“The government is walking both sides of the road. It needs to explain if it supports emission reduction and electrification or an endless expansion of dirty, expensive, fossil gas,” said Rewiring Australia Executive Director Dan Cass.

“Last week Rewiring Australia made a supportive submission responding to the government’s Electricity and Energy Sector Plan, the central plank of the Net Zero strategy, and we were pleased that the government’s preferred option is electrification.

“Then this week the Minister for Resources seemingly blindsided her own backbench with a plan to ignore climate science and expand fossil gas.

“The government has given no explanation why it is committing to expand gas for decades before finishing its major work on a Net Zero plan.

“Rooftop solar is already much cheaper than gas which is why the gas lobby is mobilising against electrification. The multinational gas companies want to prevent Australian households from choosing the cheaper and cleaner alternative.

“Claiming that expanding gas is going to help us reach net zero emissions is like managing diabetes by eating at McDonalds but ordering a diet coke.

“So called ‘natural gas’ is a greenhouse gas and expanding that industry means more pollution and higher energy bills.

“Rewiring Australia remains committed to working with the government to deliver a Net Zero plan that reduces fossil fuel use and brings down energy bills,” said Mr Cass.

/Public Release.