Griffith City Council urges residents to be weed wise

Thursday 22 October, 2020

Griffith City Council is encouraging residents to be on the lookout for a dangerous invasive weed known as Parthenium (Parthenium hysterophorus).

Council’s Biosercurity Weeds Officer, Peter McGrath said, Council is working with NSW DPI to raise awareness of the problem weed.

“New incursions have recently occurred further north in NSW coming from Queensland, where the weed is endemic. It is transported into the region via various vehicles and means, such as machinery, cars, trucks and stock feed. We urge the public to be on the lookout for Parthenium plants along roadsides, rest areas and paddocks,” he said.

The weed is identified as a significant biosecurity risk in NSW and is prohibited under the NSW Biosecurity Act 2015.

Parthenium weed spreads rapidly, is dangerous to grazing animals and reduces crop and land values. Contact with the plant or pollen can cause serious allergic reactions in people.

Parthenium weed grows quickly. It outcompetes other plants by fighting for nutrients and moisture and by releasing chemicals into the soil that inhibit growth.

Parthenium weed:

  • causes human health problems, such as respiratory problems and severe dermatitis
  • is unpalatable to stock
  • outcompetes degraded or drought affected pastures
  • reduces carrying capacity
  • causes livestock health problems
  • competes with crop seedlings including sunflowers and sorghum
  • reduces crop yields
  • contaminates grain
  • is a host for crop viruses.

If locals suspect they have seen Parthenium weed they are encouraged to note the location, do not attempt to treat or dispose of this weed yourself and call the NSW Biosecurity Helpline, 1800 680 244, NSW DPI, Local Land Services or contact Council on 1300 176

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