Harmonised Garden Organic Service: Bayside

Bayside Council has applied for a $1.3 million grant, which if successful, will see a harmonisation of Garden Organic (GO) bin collection services across Bayside in 2023.

“The first step is to secure the $1.3 million organics collections grant,” a council spokesperson said.

“Our Waste team has lodged a comprehensive submission and Council should know the outcome by early 2022.”

Council is working on plans to implement the new changes in line with Council’s new waste collections contracts and is confident these changes will have many benefits for the community.

This will be the first step towards meeting the NSW State Government mandate that all councils have a Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) bin collection system by 2030. This will be a bin that combines food scraps and garden waste.

Transitioning from a GO to FOGO bin by 2030 will come with some challenges for all metropolitan councils.

Council’s comprehensive education and implementation strategy considers the following:

  • Retrofitting or accommodating new bins in established unit buildings and smaller duplexes.
  • Establishing contracts to accept this material to be processed into compost.
  • Commissioning and retrofitting required and existing infrastructure.
  • Monitoring the diversion of this material to ensure it goes into the right bin.
  • Contamination management.
  • Highly transient areas (people moving in and out).
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse population.

This initiative forms part of Council’s commitment to resource recovery and the development of a circular economy.

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