Health and Safety at Tusmore Wading Pool


With thousands of visitors coming to the Tusmore Wading Pool each summer, we work closely with the Eastern Health Authority to ensure the pool meets stringent chemical safety requirements so that all users remain healthy. In the interest of community health and wellbeing several rules are in place, including that no dogs are allowed in the water and that all dogs within 20 metres of the pool must be on a lead. Unfortunately we have found in recent weeks that dogs have been allowed to enter the pool, with our pool maintenance team finding dog paw prints, dog hair and more within the water. This requires additional clean-up efforts and places greater pressure on the pool’s filtration system to maintain a constant chlorine level. Dog hair that is trapped by the pool filter can also cause blockages, which would lead to pool closures for repair works.
External contaminants, such as those brought in by dogs, greatly increase the risk of serious bacteria being present in the water, including E.coli (which can cause stomach cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting) and staphylococcus (which can cause severe infections). Dogs also greatly increase the chance of bringing enteroviruses and Cryptosporidium into the pool, which are both chlorine resistant and can have negative health impacts on both children and adults.
As per the South Australian Public Health Act, a person who owns or has the care or control of an animal must not allow the animal to enter a public swimming pool or public spa pool, with a maximum penalty of $1,250 if this is breached.
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