High Visibility Police Patrols Bolster Public Safety In Rockhampton

Minister for Police and Community Safety The Honourable Mark Ryan
  • Almost 400 adults and youths have been arrested in the Capricornia District since high visibility police patrols under Operation Whiskey Unison commenced in March last year
  • Capricornia police and Police Liaison Officers have conducted 8,761 proactive activities and patrols in the first year of the high-visibility policing operation
  • The latest Taskforce Guardian deployment in November resulted in 14 young people charged on 44 offences, mostly property crime and bail offences.
  • Crime prevention workshops will be rolled out in Rockhampton to strengthen public safety as part of the ‘Safer Together’ pilot.

High-visibility policing operations continue to support public safety in the greater Rockhampton area.

More than 8,700 proactive activities, including crime hotspot patrols, business and shopping centre walkthroughs, service station drop-ins, bail compliance checks and community engagements have been conducted by Capricornia police officers and Police Liaison Officers during the first year of an extreme high visibility police operation.

Patrols under Operation Whiskey Unison are in addition to the co-ordinated day-to-day police operations and patrols conducted by local frontline police.

The ongoing high-visibility operation has also resulted 396 people have been arrested on 379 charges, in relation to drug, weapons, traffic, property crime and bail offences.

Of the people arrested, 123 of them were juveniles, who are facing 121 charges.

Operation Whiskey Unison commenced in March last year, focusing on preventing, disrupting, and investigating youth crime through community engagement and extreme high visibility patrols in intelligence driven hot spot locations.

Rapid response team Taskforce Guardian has also been deployed to Rockhampton three times since May last year, apprehending 94 offenders on 269 offences related to property crime and bail offences.

Taskforce Guardian and Operation Whiskey Unison are one of many tactics rolled out to tackle youth offending, with numerous early intervention initiatives such as Youth Co-Responder, Project Booyah and PCYC programs in the greater Rockhampton area, providing support to at-risk children and diverting youths from becoming involved in criminal behaviour.

Significant investment has gone into the Rockhampton PCYC to continue to deliver these initiatives, with the centre one of many across Queensland to receive improved infrastructure and program delivery under a statewide $56 million funding boost in August last year.

In addition, Rockhampton residents will have the opportunity to participate in crime and safety workshops, engage with high-visibility policing, and access valuable crime prevention resources, through a newly launched community safety pilot, ‘Safer Together Rockhampton’.

Quotes attributable to Minister Mark Ryan: “We know a high-visibility police presence is an important deterrent of crime and Taskforce Guardian and Operation Whiskey Unison allows the Queensland Police Service to saturate known hotspots with extra boots on the ground, in addition to day-to-day policing operations.

“Targeted youth crime locations include shopping centres, business, retail and restaurant precincts, service stations and other public spaces as well as residential areas.

“The patrols allow police to engage with young people, conduct bail checks, deter anti-social and criminal behaviour, and boost overall community safety.”

Quotes attributable to Rockhampton MP Barry O’Rourke:

“Our government is doing everything it can to support our local police because we know that police are the backbone of our efforts to keep the community safe.

“The extra patrols police are conducting and the saturation policing strategies are clearly producing some encouraging early results.”

Quotes attributable to Keppel MP Brittany Lauga:

“I have always advocated very strongly for our local police to be given every support possible, and we are seeing the very real benefits of the government’s investments in these strategic policing operations.

“I want to thank our local police officers in particular because I know they go above and beyond every day to keep the community safe.”

Quotes attributable to Acting Assistant Commissioner Andrew Massingham

“Operations Whiskey Unison and Taskforce Guardian are one of the many strategies Capricornia Police are utilising to address youth offending in the District.

“Local officers are conducting bail compliance checks, referring youth to support services and programs, and working with families to prevent future offending.

“Youth intervention and diversionary programs are critical to breaking the cycle of youth crime and the PCYC has a longstanding reputation in delivering effective programs which lead to community re-engagement, employment and study.”

Quotes attributable to Acting Superintendent Mark Burgess:

“We have identified vehicle theft and home break-ins as key community concerns through surveys and workshops and have tailored resources through the Safer Together Rockhampton initiative to address them.

“By accessing crime prevention resources, engaging in community workshops and fostering connections within the community, residents can play a pivotal role in helping safeguard their neighbourhoods.

“I want to reiterate victims are never to blame for crimes and we will do everything we can to bring offenders to account for their actions. However, through collaborative efforts, there are proactive measures we can take to enhance safety and deter opportunistic offending.”

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