Huge investment to expand SA’s Artificial Intelligence capability

SA Gov

The Malinauskas Government is investing a further $6 million into Artificial Intelligence (AI) research and development at the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML).

The additional funding, to be matched by the University of Adelaide, will enable an expansion of AIML’s core work to make it more globally competitive.

The new funding will contribute to:

  • supporting AIML’s research and engineering team to help government and South Australian SMEs to develop AI-enabled products and services, automate processes and improve productivity
  • establishing four international exchange PhD scholarships and 16 honours/masters degree scholarships to provide opportunities for South Australian students
  • recruiting leadership and top AI research talent into South Australia

AI is one of the most transformative and productivity-boosting technologies and has been identified as a critical technology in Australia’s national interest.

The University of Adelaide is ranked #7 globally for AI*, and AIML is recognised internationally for its expertise in AI, machine learning and computer vision.

AIML’s presence at Lot Fourteen has incentivised global tech companies like Google, Amazon, MTX and Accenture to establish Adelaide offices.

Established with foundational investment from the Weatherill Labor Government in 2017, AIML has since grown to become the largest university machine learning research group in Australia.

This additional investment into AIML by the SA Government and the University of Adelaide will help position the new Adelaide University at the forefront of AI research nationally, engaging in positive partnerships with local industry and providing exciting research career opportunities for South Australians in this emerging and vibrant growth sector.

The Australian Productivity Commission’s recent five-year Product Inquiry: Advancing Prosperity report estimated that automation, including AI, could cumulatively add between $1.1 trillion and $4 trillion to the Australian economy by the 2030s. *US News Best Global Universities, subject rankings, 2023

As put by Peter Malinauskas

Whether it be through the establishment of a new University, or capitalising on the opportunities of AUKUS, my Government is determined to lift our economic complexity, and the standard of living for South Australians.

According to PwC, global GDP is poised to increase by up to 14 per cent by 2030 due to the rapid development and adoption of AI, representing $15.7 trillion in economic growth. South Australia can harness this enormous opportunity.

We’re home to nationally recognised AI companies and well known for punching above our weight in AI – contributing more than 20 per cent of the nation’s AI research in 2021, despite making up only seven per cent of Australia’s population.

Strengthening our industrial AI capability will be key to enhancing efficiency, productivity and automation, and will help South Australia to become a world-leading digital economy.

As put by Susan Close

On top of four PhD international exchange scholarships prioritised to AUKUS partner universities, AIML’s research and engineering team is expected to support a further five State Government projects and up to 50 industry projects.

This investment in high-tech education will help to ensure South Australia has the skills it needs to undertake a range of major projects within our state but also those in other parts of the nation and overseas.

The uses for AI increase by the day and this investment will help to keep South Australia at the forefront of this technology.

As put by Simon Lucey, Director, Australian Institute for Machine Learning, the University of Adelaide:

It’s been such a breathtaking year for AI, and South Australia is one of the top global places for AI activity. Since the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) was established six years ago, we’ve worked with more than 35 businesses and numerous government entities to use AI to create new products and improve productivity.

Our extended program will not only continue that important work for South Australia, we’re now expanding it with new domestic student scholarships and international exchange opportunities with some of the world’s top AI academic and industry players.

This makes the University of Adelaide a very attractive choice for top students seeking to build a career in the global AI industry.

As put by Professor Anton Middelberg, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), the University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide undertakes exceptional and transformative research in AI, and this funding creates a new opportunity to help shape South Australia’s future.

This investment allows us to scale transformative work, attract the brightest minds in AI to the University of Adelaide and the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML), and strengthen our state’s position as a leader in the technology.

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