Junee Shire Council day care decision sells out local families


The United Services Union (USU) condemns the decision by Junee Shire Council to withdraw from administering Family Day Care services for local families.

USU manager Rudi Oppitz said the Council’s thoughtless cost cutting decision will cause difficulties for many families who will struggle to find alternative care for their children.

“Council run Family Day Care provides affordable, accessible in-home child-care for families of all socio-economic backgrounds,” Mr Oppitz said.

“Removing this Council-administered service will leave many families without an affordable method of managing their child-care needs when they go to work.”

“Early childhood education is a critical part of a child’s education, especially in regional areas.”

“Junee Council’s decision could result in 13 local in-home family day care operators being forced to close because Junee Council is the licencing authority which regulates standards.”

“The USU believes councils have a responsibility to administer Family Day Care in their areas. This responsibility is no different from providing garbage collection, a local library and running a swimming pool.”

“By pulling out of the administration and licencing of these essential child-care services, Junee Council is showing how little they care about the real needs of the local community.”

“The jobs of three administrative staff are being put at risk by the Council’s short-sighted decision.”

“Council run child-care services often set the service standard in the area, giving parents a benchmark with which to compare other private child care providers.”

“We believe rate-payers will be outraged by this move and we are call on Junee Council to see sense and abandon this short sighted plan which will impact adversely on local families and children.”

Authorised by Graeme Kelly OAM, General Secretary United Services Union.

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