Labor papering over cracks fools no one


Labor’s papering over of the gaping cracks in their party is fooling no one.

Liberal Member for Franklin, Dean Young said the hasty decision has clearly only been taken in case of an election being called, not because Labor are actually capable of governing themselves.

As the Administrators themselves reportedly point out:

“There remains a residue of factional intolerance, personal animosity and poor attitudes that is below what is to be expected of a branch that has a focus on winning elections.”

“This will require oversight, mentoring and monitoring for some time.”

“Or to put it another way, Labor have now been upgraded to training wheels,” Mr Young said.

“The report also reportedly states that the drumming of David O’Byrne out of the Party ‘complicates and diminishes our capacity to form majority government.’

“No doubt Mr O’Byrne and his many grassroots supporters in the Party will be questioning the timing of today’s announcement, which allegedly returns power to local members just weeks after the national takeover was used to oust him.

“No amount of sticky tape, tissue paper and training wheels can change the fact that Labor are deeply divided and dysfunctional, and not capable of governing themselves, let alone the state.”

/Public Release. View in full here.