Labor Reveals Its Promises Are Fake

Liberal Tasmania
  • Felix Ellis Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management, Minister for Skills, Training and Workforce Growth, Minister for Resources, Minister for Racing, Leader of the House, Member for Braddon
  • Labor has revealed it can’t guarantee it will ever deliver its promises.

    Labor Leader Rebecca White has admitted all her promises will be vetted by ‘the Department’ if Labor is elected.

    Ms White plans to outsource decisions to faceless, unelected bureaucrats.

    Talk about weak.

    Tasmanians decide which policies they want implemented when they vote at the election.

    They don’t vote for ‘the Department’.

    Ms White has also revealed her promises are based on submissions from ‘a number of peak bodies and local government entities’.

    That’s not the Liberal way: our candidates also talk to the men and women of Tasmania, the businesspeople, the families in their local communities and we listen to their needs.

    Our election commitments are presented, fully costed and fully funded for scrutiny at the election, and then implemented after passing both houses of Parliament.

    Unlike Labor, we don’t let the faceless bureaucrats in ‘the Department’ decide what promises will or won’t be kept.

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