Labor’s student debt announcement a step forward, but provides no cost of living relief, say Greens

Australian Greens

Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens and spokesperson for Education, Senator Mehreen Faruqi has responded to Labor’s announcement on changes to student debt indexation.

As stated by Senator Faruqi:

“Labor has clearly felt the pressure of a massive and sustained community and Greens campaign, and been forced to move but it’s the bare minimum and it’s not cost of living relief.

“People are furious and desperate in this cost of living crisis and Labor is still choosing to fill government coffers with money from struggling students over taxing fossil fuel companies.

“Let’s be clear, this will not provide any cost of living relief to people who are struggling to make repayments, pay rising rents and afford their groceries.

“Student debts shouldn’t be growing at all, it’s highway robbery from a Prime Minister who went to uni for free.

“Labor needs to scrap indexation altogether and raise the minimum repayment threshold to median wage so people lose less out of their pay every week. Then they need to wipe student debt and make Uni free again.”

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