Lehrmann case drop significant step back for all women

EMILYs List Australia

The dropping of the case against Lehrmann represents a backward step for all women. It does not represent justice for Brittany or that she was untruthful. In the same way it is not a victory or proof of Lehrmann’s innocence, instead it shows that victims blaming, and character assassination are still the first line of defence for violence against women.

A very dangerous precedent has been set today, if you can mentally withstand the attack, you may get justice. It also acts as a deterrent for women to stay silent. We have fought for so long to have a voice, to be respected as women, who are entitled to be safe at work, home and on the streets. Reports state that Brittany Higgins is receiving hospital treatment due to the mental health impact of this case and that the re-trial of this case presented a significant threat to her mental health. Surely this demonstrates that there is something seriously wrong with the justice system and it needs to be addressed. Where is the safety for the brave women who step forward to face their attacker and who seek justice?

EMILYs List Australia has fought for over 25 years to have more women represented in government, so policies needed to protect women and children become a priority. The Albanese Labor government has committed to implement the 55 Jenkins recommendations to make parliament a safe place to work. If this was done by the previous Coalition government, when they were handed the report well before this incident occurred, we may not be faced with the far-reaching consequences of an incomplete case, no justice for either party, and a woman suffering once again.

Key Facts:

– EMILYs List Australia condemns the dropping of the Lehrmann case.

– We support Brittany Higgins.

– Our justice system needs reform to protect womens righs.

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