Lifeline support guides for tragic Sydney incidents

Lifeline Australia


As communities are coming to terms with devastating incidents occurring in Bondi and Wakeley this week, Lifeline has put together a Wellbeing Support Guide. This is intended to support community members process a wide range of emotions and reactions in the aftermath of such public tragedies.

You may wish to share this guide to help your constituents process their own emotions, as well as helping them have conversations with children, who may also be experiencing distress.

Victims and their families, bystanders, first responders, emergency services and those living or working in the areas may naturally be experiencing shock, fear, panic, sadness, anger and grief.

However even people not directly impacted, may also be experiencing similar responses, which can feel unexpected, uncomfortable and confusing for them.

In addition, your staff maybe fielding calls from people in distress. Please see a guide for staffers to support them in managing these difficult interactions and administering self-care afterwards.

Regardless of how community members are experiencing this tragic event, it’s okay to be upset by what’s happened and to reach out to someone for support. Lifeline is here for everyone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that no Australian has to face their darkest moments alone.

Kind regards,

Angela Lemme

/Public Release.