Maintenance trimming of City Library trees

Regular maintenance of trees at the Cairns City Library site to help reduce disease and extend their life will be undertaken next week.

All works will be performed by qualified professionals, under the guidance of a qualified and independent ecologist.

Visual inspections to ensure there are no birds or flying foxes in the trees will be carried out before any pruning is undertaken.

Works are due to start Tuesday 3 November and occur between 8am and 4pm.

These works include:

  • Standard maintenance trimming of the trees to improve health and vitality.
  • Arborists will perform light trimming of the trees, deadwood removal, and address any potential faults or decay.
  • Reduce public hazards by addressing low hanging branches that interfere with pedestrian and vehicular access, reduce building conflict and CCTV view obstructions.

No more than 10 per cent of the canopy will be removed in accordance with approved Department of Environment and Science management activities.

Council acknowledges that the trees are highly valued by the community and has strict policies and procedures to ensure responsible tree management.

Council regularly assesses the health of trees at the site and takes steps, such as bracing weakened limbs, light trimming and removal of dead wood, to reduce disease and extend the life of the tree.

The trees at the Cairns City Library are protected by a heritage listing under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992.

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