Solar Citizens

Solar Citizens National Director Heidi Lee Douglas:

“In the middle of a cost of living crisis, Premier Chris Minns needs to reconsider refusing to phase out gas in new home builds. The Victorian government estimates phasing gas out of new builds will save households between $1000 and $2200 (with solar installed) off annual energy bills.

Replacing fossil fuels with clean, renewable energy is better for our hip pockets, health, and climate. Gas and coal prices are much higher than renewable energy. We have cheap power during the day when solar outbids coal and gas. We urgently need a federal government rebate on home batteries, as there is on solar, to replace expensive gas and coal with cheap, clean energy at night.

And we need state and federal governments to work together to remove barriers to solar for renters, social housing, apartments, and strata – unlocking more roofs to generate more cheap, clean energy for all.

We applaud the Victorian government’s commitment to phasing out gas in new home developments, as we know it is better for people’s hip pockets and health. Gas cooking in homes is known to contribute to children’s asthma. And under the Paris Agreement, we must be fossil fuel free by 2050. So any home built now with gas will have to have it ripped out in the next few decades. That’s a waste of money.

Instead of backing himself into a corner with gas, Premier Minns needs to support more clean, cheap renewable energy that future-proofs generations of New South Wales residents to save on energy bills and is better for health and climate.”

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