Monash University first in Victoria to offer Bachelor of International Relations

Monash University

In an era where global events shape local realities, Monash University is set to become the first university in Victoria, and third in Australia, to offer prospective students the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of International Relations.

The new degree comes at a critical juncture and aligns with Monash’s commitment to providing students with a comprehensive understanding of global affairs, fostering a new generation of international leaders.

Dr Tom Chodor, Senior Lecturer, Politics & International Relations and Program Director, said the three-year specialist degree will equip students with a deep understanding of power, governance, conflict and cooperation at various levels.

“With the Bachelor of International Relations, we’re not just preparing students for a job; we’re providing them with a deep understanding of global politics, empowering them to shape a better global future,” Dr Chodor said.

“It goes beyond theoretical analysis and empowers our students to utilise their knowledge to make a tangible difference on a global scale.”

Led by experts in international relations and politics, the new degree will go beyond a conventional arts degree by offering five specialised fields of study: peace, conflict and security; policy and governance; comparative politics; development, rights and gender; and climate futures.

The comprehensive curriculum, coupled with the option of an international study tour, will immerse students in the complex world of international relations, and deliver unparalleled practical insights into how power shapes the world in which we live.

The new degree builds on Monash’s commitment to international relations education with its Masters of International Relations, for students looking to work on an international stage, particularly in the areas of trade, diplomacy, international security and development. The new undergraduate program is tailored for students aspiring to make a mark on the international stage, paving the way for a career that goes beyond borders and leaves a lasting imprint on the world stage.

As year 12 students receive their VCE results, Monash is encouraging any interested in building a career in international relations to consider changing their degree preferences to include the new Bachelor of International Relations. Students have an opportunity to change their preferences between receiving their results and round one of University offers in December.

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