More Funding To Boost Recycling And Reduce Landfill

VIC Premier

The Allan Labor Government is driving Victoria’s transition to a circular economy by diverting litter out of landfill and recycling it into new products – creating new jobs and combatting climate change.

Minister for Environment Steve Dimopoulos visited Plasgain today to announce two local businesses who have been awarded funds as part of the $2.25 million Circular Economy Infrastructure Fund.

Drouin based business Plasgain, will receive $250,000 for its light pole project which will use recycled plastic to produce 100 percent Australian-made light poles, dubbed ‘Plaspole’. This will help reduce the use of imported materials and virgin plastic products in urban developments.

The light poles will feature a rigid core made from 95 kilograms of recycled plastic covered with aluminium, giving it the appearance of a conventional light pole.

Plasgain will manufacture an estimated 5000 light poles each year, recycling 350 tonnes of soft plastic – the equivalent to one and a half Olympic swimming pools of water – and creating 10 local jobs.

This builds on its range of high-quality products for the construction sector made from recycled materials, including a stormwater drainage pipe and an electrical cable cover manufactured from recycled plastic.

Pinegro has also received $1 million to install decontamination equipment at its Morwell facility. This will help turn an additional 65,000 tonnes of food and garden organic waste collected from kerbside green bins each year into high quality landscape and garden potting mixes. The project will create 8jobs.

These investments are part of the Labor Government’s $515 million transformation of the state’s waste and recycling industry – helping to reduce waste, create jobs in new industries and drive more value from our resources.

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As stated by Minister for Environment Steve Dimopoulos

“We congratulate Plasgain for its innovation, turning hard-to-recycle waste plastics into critical products for our construction industry – diverting additional waste from landfill and protecting our precious natural environments.

“All the projects we’re supporting are creating jobs and also turning our waste into useful products – that can light our streets, carry our stormwater or help our local parks and gardens grow.”

As stated by Member for Eastern Victoria Harriet Shing

“Reducing our use of new materials and recycling our waste is not only saving money but also creating jobs for Gippslanders, and innovations just like this are just one example of how we can make a real difference to the way we use and manage waste.”

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