Murray-Darling Re-Snagging Project A Big Win For Environment And Rec Fishers

OzFish Unlimited

The latest OzFish Unlimited re-snagging project in the Murray-Darling not only delivers a big win for the environment but will also be a major plus for recreational fishers. 

Just like the Murray-Darling itself, OzFish joined two funding streams together to restore some much-needed habitat to the river with volunteers helping to install 20 large logs and 35 tonnes of rock to the Bottle Bend Reserve near the town of Red Cliffs on the Victorian side of the river.

OzFish, Australia’s only fishing charity, was able to complete the project in June thanks to the NSW DPI Fisheries’ Recreational Fishing Trust’s Habitat Action Grant Program and through funding from the Australian Government’s Murray–Darling Healthy Rivers Program.

By using a barge, they were able to minimise environmental damage during the project. 

“If you do it from the bank, that can cause environmental impact to the soil as you’ve got large machinery moving around, carrying quite heavy structures, that can dig down into soil and there can be concerns with cultural heritage issues,” said Braeden Lampard, OzFish Senior Program Manager – Murray-Darling Basin.

“So, there was absolutely no environmental or cultural heritage impact to any of the land, which is a bonus.”

The benefits for recreational fishers will be immense. This restoration works will add value to the great initiatives undertaken within the Sunraysia community through OzFish and their River Repair Bus and previous re-snagging efforts downstream.
Sunraysia OzFish volunteers spent hundreds of hours habitat mapping the Murray River in 2018/19. 
“That original work and data is going to keep getting used. OzFish isn’t the type of company to undertake a project and then move on. We want to continue to restore these habitats and continue working on them and further downstream,” Lampard added. 
The Murray River Re-snagging Experiment by the Arthur Rylan Institute has provided robust scientific evidence that this type of large-scale river restoration efforts enhances native fish populations while delivering ecological and recreational fishing benefits to communities.
The installed structures will provide critical breeding sites, shelter and protection from predators, a place to rest, ambush sites and feeding grounds for aquatic species, such as the iconic Murray Cod and Golden Perch populations, as well as freshwater catfish and silver perch.
This project was funded by the Australian Government’s Murray–Darling Healthy Rivers Program, NSW DPI Fisheries’ Recreational Fishing Trust’s Habitat Action Grant Program and the Australian Government through the CRC Program. The project is also supported by BCF – Boating, Camping, Fishing and the local recreational angling community.

If you would like to know more about the project or get involved become a member of OzFish online at or contact 1800 431 308.

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