National Safe Boating Week 2020 Day 2 – Service it

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

National Safe Boating Week is an annual event coordinated by Australia and New Zealand Safe Boating Education Group (ANZSBEG) members.

The aim of the #safeboating week is to increase safe practices and promote responsible boat ownership. This #safeboating week, members will be highlighting a different safety theme each day. Today’s theme is:

Safe boating means being a responsible owner.

Vessels need regular maintenance, servicing, and safety checks to keep them ship-shape.

Equipment failures or vessel breakdowns can result in marine incidents which could endanger your crew, your passengers and yourself. You should inspect, service and maintain the vessel’s structure, engine and electrical systems and safety equipment.

Be systematic about your maintenance and have a written maintenance schedule. Keep proper records of what maintenance has been done. Keeping proper records ensures you can track your maintenance program and prove that your vessel and equipment are appropriately maintained.

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