National Safe Boating Week launches this weekend

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Australian boaties, operators, skippers, and crew are encouraged to get ready for the upcoming season by focusing on the safety of their vessel, crew, and passengers, as part of the inaugural National Safe Boating Week activities.

National Safe Boating Week is a joint safety initiative of the Australia New Zealand Safe Boating Education Group (ANZSBEG) and its members from across all Australian states and territories and New Zealand, including the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

The week encourages all Australians to make safety their top priority.

National Safe Boating Week kicks off on Saturday 26 September and concludes with ‘Wear your lifejacket to work day’ on Friday 2 October. The aim of Safe Boating Week is to increase safe practices and promote responsible boat ownership.

AMSA’s Acting Chief Executive Officer Sachi Wimmer said preparation, safety and responsibility are vital for anyone who gets out on a boat, either for work or recreation.

“There are more than 2.7 million boaties in Australia and as the weather heats up more people will be looking to head out on their boats for some fun or for the busy summer commercial boating season,” Mrs Wimmer said.

“Let’s make sure that we all come home safely by following the seven steps we are highlighting this safe boating week.”

This National Safe Boating Week members will be highlighting a different safety theme each day. Each time you are on the water you need to live a safe mindset and follow these simple steps before you set off.

Know it – Safe boating means knowing the limits of your vessel. Before you go, make sure your boat is seaworthy and appropriate for your chosen activity.

Service it – Safe boating means being a responsible boat owner and skipper. Boats need regular maintenance, servicing, and safety checks to keep them ship-shape.

Pack it – Safe boating means carrying the right safety equipment. You’ll need different items depending on your vessel type and whether you’re in open or enclosed waters.

Check it – Safe boating means assessing the weather and choosing a suitable time and place to go out. Conditions can change quickly, so don’t hesitate to head back in. If in doubt, don’t go out.

Plan it – Safe boating means planning your trip and telling an emergency contact where you’re headed and what time you’ll be back.

Learn it – Safe boating means knowing the rules and laws that keep all of us safe. Remember, boating safety is a responsibility we all share as waterway users.

Wear it – Safe boating means wearing a life jacket, one of the most important piece of safety equipment on any vessel.

Friday 2 October is ‘Wear your lifejacket to work day’ so show your colleagues that if it’s easy enough to wear at work, it’s easy enough to wear on the water. Remember to share a picture of yourself and add the tag #lifejacket2work

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