How safe is your apartment? A new online quiz from Neighbourhood Watch – supported by RACV – will help Victorians answer this question and provide simple and actionable tips to help you feel safe in your apartment.

By completing the quick How Safe Is My Apartment online quiz, users will receive a free report with security tips to help prevent crime in apartments, including tips to help protect valuables in common areas, storage cages, bike storage spaces and car garages.

CEO Neighbourhood Watch Victoria Bambi Gordon said by making a few simple improvements, you can help avoid the loss, inconvenience and stress involved with apartment crime.

“Living in a high-rise building doesn’t guarantee absolute security from intruders and it can also present some other issues that can occur in high-density living,” Ms Gordon said.

“The tips and suggestions generated from the answers provided in the How Safe Is My Apartment quiz will be tailored to your apartment, but it’s important to remember you don’t need to do everything at once.

“Start with one or two easy jobs as a few small improvements can make a big difference – even something as simple as getting to know your neighbours. A Neighbourhood Watch or apartment building group is a great way to share information, check up on each other, and know what is happening in the building.”

In Victoria, it’s important that renters are also aware that there are regulations regarding what security must be provided to tenants.

“For example, external windows and doors on rental properties must be able to be locked or secured and each renter whose name is on the rental agreement (lease) must be given a copy of a key or security device,” Ms Gordon said.

“As you read through your personalised How Safe Is My Apartment report, keep in mind that you can approach your rental provider about any additions or measures you would like undertaken about crime prevention.”

Neighbourhood Watch and RACV’s 7 top tips for apartment security

  1. Complete the How Safe Is My Apartment quiz: A free report will provide simple and actionable tips to help you feel safe at your home in your apartment.
  2. Consider security before you move in: Visit the building at night to sense how safe you feel walking around it and check the crime statistics for the location.
  3. Be conscious of who you let in: Make sure no one follows you in before the door closes – even if they said they live there.
  4. Upgrade door locks: Most apartments have a relatively high turnover of occupants so check if the door locks have been re keyed and if not, request permission from your landlord if you are a renter. If you don’t have a deadbolt or digital door lock, consider installing one for added security.
  5. Secure balcony doors: even if you’re a few levels up, it’s important to keep your balcony doors locked at all times.
  6. Keep your storage cage secure, if you have one: Line the inside of your cage walls with a tarp or similar so cover your property. Keep valuable or sentimental items locked safely in your apartment.
  7. Make an apartment buddy: Try befriending someone who lives on your floor and help keep an eye out for each other. Building a friendly and supportive community within your apartment complex is invaluable.

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