New interactive signs and road markings for local Koala Zones

Kempsey Shire Council

Koala Zones are being created in two key Kempsey Shire areas known to be koala strike hotspots – Point Plomer Road, Crescent Head, and Arakoon Road, South West Rocks.

Each Koala Zone will consist of a permanent, solar powered, vehicle-activated sign, scheduled to be installed on the 25 and 26 June:

And permanent road markings, scheduled to be installed early July:

These sites were chosen using data from historical koala records held in Bionet, as well as information about local koala sightings held by Council.

The signs and road markings are located just before the key areas of koala movement, to allow the motorist time to adjust their behaviour.

In 2022, koalas were officially listed as an endangered species. Koalas face a range of threats, including being hit by cars.

The NSW Government has committed more than $190 million over 5 years to double the numbers of koalas in NSW by 2050. The NSW Koala Strategy includes $10.6 million to address vehicle strike hotspots across the State.

Importantly, the NSW Koala Strategy has identified the Crescent Head koala population as one of ten stronghold koala populations in the State. Stronghold populations are significant as some support very large populations of koalas, while others represent areas that are likely to be important refuge areas for koalas during climate change.

Kempsey Shire Council is pleased to be participating in the NSW Koala Strategy’s action to improve koala health and safety in important koala habitat by delivering koala vehicle strike mitigation actions in targeted locations within the KSC region.

What can you do?

Look out for sick or injured koalas. If you come across a sick or injured koala, please call the 24-hour koala rescue line on (02) 6584 1522. This service is run by Koala Conservation Australia (Port Macquarie Koala Hospital) and covers Kempsey Shire.

Report your local koala sightings. If you see a koala, let us know! Every koala reported informs our koala mapping project, which in turn provides vital information to plan for the future, protect, and manage these areas in a way that supports the survival of koalas.

Report your local koala sightings – If you see a koala, let us know by logging your sighting here.

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