Northlakes students roll out the red carpet for second annual film festival

Northlakes High School

What happens when a treasure hunt goes wrong, a school rock gig goes wrong, or when you fuse with a creature from another world are just three of the stories to be told at Northlakes High School’s second annual film festival tomorrow [November 8].

Students have collaborated with local filmmaker and photographer Logan Baker to create a variety of short films being premiered on the big screen at Metro Cinema Lake Haven at 6pm.

Budding filmmakers, animators, scriptwriters, actors, directors, and story-boarders had the opportunity to work with Mr Baker in a series of workshops in Term 2, outlining pre-production steps for filming and animating. The participans submitted work specific to their film or animation concept after each workshop.

Those who completed all the pre-production tasks were then considered for the production phase in Term 3. This year there eight productions were completed: five films and three animations.

Mr Baker is a former Northlakes High School student who volunteered his time and the use of his equipment, sharing his expertise during workshops and the filming process with individual groups on set.

Northlakes High Visual Arts teacher Danielle Evans and Mr Baker discovered their shared idea of starting a film festival while making a video to promote the school.

“We want to help students realise they have a voice: it is important to encourage an Australian voice and content in the film industry,” said Ms Evans. “I believe in our students, and I want them to reach for the stars”.

Mr Baker, who originally worked in the legal profession, wonders where he would be in his career now if the same opportunity had been available when he was in high school. His motivation is to give back to the school, share his passion and help students set goals.

Students, families, carers, staff, and friends are welcome to the screening. The films will be judged by a mixed panel of industry experts and staff, with prizes for runner-up, judges’ winner and people’s choice.

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