NT Greens Support Right to Protest

Australian Greens

There is nothing more distressing to young people than the climate crisis. Territorians are distraught in the wake of the Northern Territory Labor Government’s reckless decision to greenlight fracking in the Beetaloo Basin.

The NT Greens stand with the protesters who expressed their distress over the weekend during the West Macs Monster event. Mparntwe/Alicer Springs locals banded together during a short demonstration to signal to the government that they can’t outrun the devastating effects of fracking. These protestors exercised their right to peaceful protest after being repeatedly ignored by the NT government.

Young people are holding the most powerful NT politician to account because they recognise the climate catastrophe we face. Chief Minister Natasha Fyles repeatedly dismissed the responses of the public an “emotive issue” (ABC Darwin Radio, 16/5/23). Minister Fyles is correct, this issue is incredibly emotive, because the right to a safe future for Territorians is under threat.

Labor’s plan to frack the Beetaloo, which would increase Australia’s emissions by up to 22%, will destroy the future of the NT. Territorians are appropriately furious as they recognise the government has not met its obligations under the Pepper Inquiry and continues to mislead the public.

The evidence is clear, to ensure a safe future for all of us, we must not invest in new fossil fuels. The NT Greens call on the Fyles’ government to listen to the community, ban fracking immediately and work with Territorians towards a clean energy future.

As stated by Jonathan Parry:

“The Greens strongly defend the right to peaceful protest, it is one of the most important pillars of our democracy.”

“Territorians are worried about their future because of the NT Labor government’s ongoing disregard for the climate crisis.”

“The NT Greens stands with peaceful protesters who are being ignored by the very politicians elected to represent them.”

“The Territory is crying out for a real alternative voice and that’s why the Greens are entering the parliament at the next election”

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