Nurses Saving Sight And Advancing Research

Centre for Eye Research Australia

The Lions Eye Donation Service (LEDS) has been working around the clock for over 30 years to coordinate thousands of eye donations, with nurses playing a vital role.

At the heart of LEDS is a small team of donor coordinators who travel across Victoria to discuss eye donation and complete consent with donor families, perform the eye tissue recovery and bring the precious gift back to LEDS to prepare for potentially sight-saving surgeries and, increasingly, surgeon training and vision research.

Transplant coordinator and registered nurse Gavin de Loree says it’s incredible working at an eye bank that is part of a research organisation.

“We’re not only helping to restore sight but also uncover the background behind eye diseases.”

Saving sight

Gavin’s passion for helping others first inspired him to become a nurse.

“My mother is also a nurse, and she used to introduce me to some of her favourite patients,” he says.

Gavin had a well-rounded nursing career before coming to LEDS – working in neurosurgery, intensive care and the emergency department at the Austin Hospital.

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