Our top 10 playgrounds

What’s your favourite playground within the boundaries of our Greater Geelong region?

Do you know that we currently manage and maintain 380 public play spaces, along with an additional 62 supervised early childhood centre-based play spaces?

We recognise that play not only contributes to a child’s health, wellbeing, education and physical, social and cognitive development, but is also an invaluable tool in the development of strong community connections.

There are three different levels of playground within our region – local, district and regional – with the play spaces classified on their size and the infrastructure each contains.

Even the most basic playground within our region provides the key play elements that are necessary to give all children somewhere to run, swing, slide and climb.

The smallest form of playground, local play spaces, are accessible to the whole community due to their location within residential neighbourhoods.

We aim to make these spaces well designed, inclusive and with a big focus on having appropriate supporting infrastructure and offering a diversity of play opportunities.

Many of our playgrounds have accessible elements.

Of course, we like to place these playgrounds in attractive environments where they can provide valuable, inexpensive physical activity and socialisation opportunities for children and their parents or caregivers, and where they can be accessed independently or via active transport like buses.

We’ve had a go at naming our top 10 playgrounds in Greater Geelong and we’re wondering whether you agree with us:

How did we go?

Do you have a favourite park to add to the list?

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