Painkalac Creek river mouth to be opened

With the recent wet weather, Council has been monitoring Painkalac Creek water levels. Last week’s 30-40 mm of rain in the catchment saw river levels rise to 1.9 metres which results in minor drain flooding along roadsides in specific low lying areas. The reservoir is currently full and is therefore not able to hold back any upstream inflows. The sand berm at the river mouth is blocking the river flows and is approximately 0.7m above the estuary water levels.

With a further significant rainfall event due to commence Sunday and without removal of the sand berm, it is possible water levels will rise enough to cause house flooding next week. Council is therefore proposing to open the estuary mouth later this week with the support of CCMA, Barwon Water and DELWP.

When the opening is taking place, heavy machinery will be present at the beach and the work area will be fenced off to exclude community access. We will have signs and officers on site during the opening to assist with community safety and information and will make the attached fact sheet available on our website and in social media posts beforehand.

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