Part’s Cleaning technology is cutting Marine Servicing time in half

Sydney, Australia. In marine engineering, the faster you can get a vessel back in the water, the better. Having been in the industry for over 50 years, Francis Marine knew this more than anyone. By adopting the Torrent 500 Parts Cleaner technology, they’ve cut service time by up to half. This has resulted in reduced labour costs and delighted customers.

Francis Marine provides mechanical work in and out of the water. With a hardstand facility lifting boats up to 65ft, the time and manpower required to clean parts was significant. Needing a solution that was quick, easy to use and safe, they settled on the Torrent 500.

Because of the unique combination of pressure, temperature and chemistry, the system cleans most marine parts in just one minute, five times faster than automatic machines. While the technology is nothing new to car and truck mechanics, its introduction into the marine industry was a game-changer.

“We calibrate the cleaning solution for the specific needs of every client,” said Renos Mythillos, Regional Manager of NCH Torrent Asia. For Francis Marine, It was tailored to the specific needs of marine engineers and boat builders, and powerful corrosion inhibitors make the system suitable for all marine metals and materials.

The Francis brothers run the family business in the pristine Akuma Bay area, so the elimination of organic solvents was a big drawcard. There are no noxious fumes and hazardous waste is drastically reduced, better for mechanical staff, and the environment.

“We’re proud to have brought this system to the marine industry by working with Francis Marine.” Said Renos, “On our regular service visits to maintain equipment and fluids, we get to see how they are using the Torrent 500, and it is a perfect fit.”

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To see the Torrent 500 in action, see our video on how it works here.

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