Planning a visit to a national park? Here’s your guide to responsible park exploration

Parks Victoria

Victoria’s parks boast unique ecosystems teeming with life. Listen for the iconic kookaburra’s laugh in the gum forests, or search for echidnas burrowing in the undergrowth. The waters might reveal a playful seal or the elusive platypus, while diverse flora boasts vibrant wildflowers, rugged bushlands and tall forest giants.

These landscapes offer a chance to escape the everyday and reconnect with nature, yourself, friends and family. But with great experiences comes great responsibility. As visitors, we each have the power to be a champion for these irreplaceable ecosystems.

Being a good visitor is more than just doing the basics. It’s about becoming a protector, an advocate, and someone who inspires others. Here’s how you can truly help take care of Victoria’s national parks:

Research isn’t just about planning your trip. It’s about understanding and appreciating the place you’re visiting!

  1. Learn about the specific threats your chosen park faces, like fox predation on native ground-dwelling birds or the impact of erosion on walking tracks caused by heavy foot traffic.
  2. Learn more about the Traditional Owners who take care of the land. Look at the Traditional Owners Map. Take a moment to acknowledge and respect them and their bond with the land, sky, and water you’re visiting.
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