Please don’t bin your batteries

Living Sustainably - No batteriesThe risks associated with improper disposal of hazardous and problem waste in kerbside bins are being brought to light in a targeted campaign to the Hawkesbury community. With the increasing number of fires occurring in collection trucks and at waste facilities, it is important that residents are disposing of problem and hazardous waste in safe ways to ensure the safety of waste workers and the environment.

The improper disposal of batteries and other hazardous waste materials in kerbside bins places waste collection drivers and their vehicles at risk. The compaction equipment inside waste collection trucks means there is a significant risk of a fire starting.

The incorrect disposal of problem and hazardous waste can also impact waste facility workers, firefighters and the community in general. Significant environmental and human health impacts are also a problem, with the potential for harmful chemicals to leach into soil, groundwater and surface water from hazardous waste.

While the most commonly generated household hazardous waste items are batteries, other examples of hazardous or problem waste include fluorescent lights, car batteries, gas bottles, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, motor oils, cooking oils, paints and paint tins. Community Recycling Centres (also referred to as CRCs) across NSW accept these hazardous household items at no cost to residents.

In addition to returning batteries to the Hawkesbury CRC, there are also various dedicated dropoff points for small batteries for sizes ranging from AA to 9V. These dedicated drop-off points include Coles, Woolworths, ALDI, Officeworks, Bunnings, Sydney Tools and many more. For a detailed list of drop-off locations, visit the B-cycle website

Any items labelled as flammable’, ‘combustible’, ‘corrosive’, ‘toxic’, an ‘oxidising agent’, ‘poisonous’ or requiring caution are considered to be hazardous waste items. Council’s Chemical CleanOut event is an annual drop-off event where residents can dispose of additional hazardous waste such as garden chemicals, pool chemicals, household cleaners, hobby chemicals and poisons free of charge. It is free for residents to drop off up to 20L or 20kg of hazardous waste at any one time. For more details about Council’s Chemical CleanOut event see

For details about the Hawkesbury Community Recycling Centre, visit

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