POLL: Australians Say Overwhelmingly ‘CHARLES DOESN’T REPRESENT ME’

Australian Republic Movement

King Charles is out of step with Australians and their values according to new polling released by the Australian Republic Movement.

In a poll conducted by Pure Profile between 6-12 April 2023, almost two-thirds of respondents (66%) said that King Charles does not represent their values.

Monarchists had hoped that Charles’ activism on climate change and other social causes would endear him to younger audiences, however the polling shows this strategy has failed, with less than 25% of those aged 18-24 saying Charles represents their values (and more than 75% disagreeing).

The polling (attached below) show King Charles and his values do not resonate with the majority of any age group.

Australians also believe that monarchy as an institution is at odds with Australian values, with 64% (and 75% of those aged 18-24) agreeing that “monarchy is the opposite of Australian values like equality and a fair go.” The results show that opposition to monarchy in Australia is much deeper than opposition to King Charles personally.

Co-Chair of the Australian Republic Movement Nova Peris OAM OLY said that Australians were convinced that neither Charles nor the monarchy as an institution could represent them.

“Australia now has a King that would never be chosen by Australians. Australians are overwhelmingly opposed to him and the idea of having a King at all.

“The concept of Kings and Queens is completely medieval and should be abolished” said Ms Peris.

Co-Chair Craig Foster AM said it was a fundamental principle of democracy that we decide who speaks for us.

“In a democracy, we should have the right to choose leaders who represent us. Leaders who are accountable to us, stand up for our values and who put our nation first” said Mr Foster.

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