Preschool mid-year intake starts today

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About 4000 children will start preschool this week at 377 public preschools right across South Australia.

The Malinauskas Labor Government’s commitment to mid-year preschool intake is a significant component of its $72.4 million initiative giving families earlier access to high-quality educational programs for their children.

The Acting Premier Susan Close, along with the Minister for Education, Training and Skills, Blair Boyer, visited Lucy Morice Kindergarten today to welcome its new group of preschoolers on their first day.

They join about 13,700 children in South Australian government preschools who commenced preschool in January this year.

This year’s mid-year intake allows students born in the middle of the year to start preschool at a time that is more appropriate to their age and their stage of development.

Children who turn 4 between 1 May and 31 October are eligible to commence preschool this term, while children who turn 4 between 1 November and 30 April are eligible to commence preschool in Term 1, 2024.

Enrolments are still open with families able to submit registrations of interest for preschool in 2024 (either for the start of the year or for mid-year commencement) using the registration of interest form:

A calculator is available on the Department for Education website to assist parents and carers to work out if their child will be eligible for enrolment in Term 1 or Term 3 of 2024.

Mid-year intake will start for reception students in July 2024.

Resuming the midyear intake, alongside the January one, will also help reduce the large age gaps in early-year classes and differences in students’ development.

Children who start Reception in Term 1 will complete 4 terms of reception while children who start Reception mid-year in Term 3 will complete 6 terms of Reception.

As put by Acting Premier Susan Close

Today’s intake commencement of mid-year preschool is an exciting and important step forward as we support our youngest South Australians and their families.

While in Opposition, we heard clearly from families that they wanted mid-year intake back for government preschools and schools. We have listened and today we start delivering what families want and deserve.

The Malinauskas Labor Government is proud to have taken a comprehensive plan to reform our education system in South Australia, and the reintroduction of mid-year intake is an important part of improving education for the next generation.

As put by Minister for Education, Training and Skills Blair Boyer

Our preschools play such an important role in providing children with a space to observe, experiment and explore the world around them, learning through play-based approaches, and building the confidence they need to be ready for school.

Mid-year intake is an important step in ensuring children have the best opportunities at the right time for them.

The evidence is clear about how important the years before school are to the rest of a child’s life – and mid-year preschool is a key ingredient in ensuring better outcomes for the next generation.

As put by Member for Adelaide, Lucy Hood

Having greater access to high-quality education, particularly in the formative early years, is an exciting milestone for children and their families and we wish all the new preschoolers a bright future ahead.

Families want flexibility and this will mean that children born in the middle of the year won’t have to wait an additional six months to have access to this important educational stepping stone.

As put by Lucy Morice Kindergarten Director Lisa Ringwood

It is an exciting week for our new group of 13 children who are starting on their preschool journey with us at Lucy Morice Kindergarten.

Preschool is an important time for children to learn through play, exploration and experimentation and we are looking forward to them joining our vibrant community of learners.

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