PRESS CONFERENCE REPORT – Unity Over Division: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Perth Invites Dialogue And Counters Ignorance with Education and Dialogue

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Perth

Post Event News Report:

Perth, 07/05/2024 – In response to recent reports and social media discussions regarding the tragic knife attack and the misuse of sacred Islamic terms, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Perth hosted a press conference today to address the growing concerns of public.

Imam Syed Wadood Janud, representing the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Perth, began by expressing profound condemnation for the unfortunate incident, emphasising that such acts are entirely contrary to the teachings of Islam, which promote peace and compassion.

Speaking on the misuse of the term “jihad,” Imam Syed Wadood Janud explained its true meaning as the struggle for self-betterment and spiritual enlightenment. He clarified that jihad, in Islam, involves striving to uphold moral values and lead a righteous life, devoid of violence or extremism.

“Jihad is an Arabic word which literally translates to strive and struggle. The Quran makes it extremely clear that every single believer, regardless of them being Muslim or not, they do jihad. They do jihad in the way of God, and that is living a life of such morals and values, which can be extremely difficult in certain circumstances, in order to find God, in order to try to find a path of spirituality, and in order to eventually reach enlightenment.”

Highlighting the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s global stance against radicalisation, Imam Syed Wadood Janud underscored that in the community’s 135-year history with tens of millions of followers across 200 countries, not a single case of extremism has been recorded. He emphasised the community’s commitment to promoting peace, knowledge, and self-reformation.

“It is because for the last 130 years we have been teaching, preaching, and practising that jihad in this day and age is the jihad of the pen, which is knowledge, and the jihad of self-reformation.”

Furthermore, Imam Syed Wadood Janud addressed concerns raised by parents regarding prayer rooms in schools, stressing the importance of education and awareness over reactionary decisions. He invited individuals to engage in dialogue at mosques, which are open daily, to foster understanding and dispel misconceptions.

“Our mosques are open Australia-wide. Come to our mosque, meet an Imam. If you don’t want to meet an Imam, meet any regular Muslim at our mosque. Present those concerns, those thoughts that you may have, that information that you may have, and let us address it, and then you can walk away having made up your own mind and your own views.”

In response to questions from reporters, Imam Syed Wadood Janud reiterated the community’s concerns about Islamophobic rhetoric online and emphasised the need for unity and human interaction in countering ignorance and misinformation.

“Any form of ignorance cannot be countered with ignorance. Any form of misinformation cannot be countered with misinformation. Any form of hatred cannot be countered with hatred. That is why we focus on our motto which is Love for All, Hatred for None.”

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Perth stands firm in its commitment to promoting love, understanding, and harmony within the broader community.

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