Queen Mary: Stuff of Medieval Fairytales, Not Modern Representation

Australian Republic Movement

The Australian Republic Movement has today acknowledged the ascension of Frederik and Mary to the Danish throne.

National Director and CEO Isaac Jeffrey said: “Many Australians will feel joy in seeing a local Tassie girl becoming Queen after marrying her handsome Prince, who overnight became King of Denmark. It’s the stuff of fairytales with the gowns and jewels, glitz and glamour to boot. But just like a children’s book, it might be fun to read and look at the pictures, but it’s a long way from how modern stable democracies should choose their representatives.

“Mary seems like a great person, someone who could have risen through the ranks of any organisation or of society to become a leader in her own right. It’s a pity she had to leave Australia to become Head of State. Under an Australian republic, a young girl from Tassie could one day rise to become our Aussie Head of State – a position forever blocked to her while we default to the British Monarch.

“Regardless of how you feel about Mary or Charles, it’s not surprising to see questions arising throughout the world about the role of Monarchs in our societies. As Aussies, Danes and Brits tap their credit cards at the checkout, borrowing for their weekly shop, they see their leaders, their representatives living lives of luxury. Luxury built on the hard work and toil of others. Luxury gifted by marriage and birthright. Luxury inherited, not earned. It’s no wonder people are questioning why these chosen few should be given such privilege and wealth, while the rest of us have to work hard just to make ends meet.

“In Denmark, crowds chanted “Ikke Min Konge”, echoing the growing number of people in Britain on Charles’ ascension who waved placards with the English version “Not My King”. Norwegian polls show support for their monarchy has dropped from 80% to 66%. The Dutch monarchy has dropped more than 30 points to 50%. While support for the British Monarch has fallen to 48% in the UK and an Australian poll released yesterday shows the same level of support here 48%.

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