Raelians celebrate ‘International Day of Paradism’, advocating for a future without labor and money

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Las Vegas, April 28 — On May 1st, the world marks the International Day of Paradism, heralding a future vision of a society free from the constraints of labor and economic disparity. Introduced in 2009 by Rael, founder and spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement, Paradism represents a transformative political system that harnesses cutting-edge technologies such as robotics, nanotechnology, and AI to replace human labor, enabling humans to focus on personal growth and creative pursuits that enhance happiness.

According to Rael, Paradism is the only way out of the current situation in which only a few people own 99 percent of the world’s wealth. Under Paradism, all new technologies will be used without any workforce or money, and all products will be distributed freely to all human beings.

“In a Paradism-based society, automated systems will undertake all essential labor, rendering monetary transactions obsolete and replacing them with a culture of sharing and giving, where love becomes the new currency,” stated Jarel, Raelian Guide and leader of the Paradism Movement.

The Raelian Movement challenges the entrenched belief in the necessity of hard labor, advocating for a cultural shift emphasising enjoyment and personal fulfilment over economic survival. It seeks to debunk myths about technology being a threat by highlighting how our abundant resources can foster a fairer distribution of wealth.

This proposed societal model also includes ecological benefits, where machines repair environmental damage, promoting a healthier planet and enhancing human happiness. The concept is rooted in the teachings Rael received from the Elohim, an advanced extraterrestrial civilisation responsible for creating all life on Earth, which our ancestors mistook as deities.

As we face the possibility of global crises, Rael emphasises the unique opportunity and responsibility of our generation to steer this transition towards Paradism. This trans-formative change is seen as both a legacy and a beacon for ushering humanity into an era of peace and abundance.

“Fear of technology is misguided. Our plentiful resources should inspire generosity, not austerity, guided by Rael’s visionary principles. We are at a pivotal point where we can turn Earth into a paradise, a duty we owe to future generations,” Dr. Boisselier, spokesperson of the International Raelian Movement, concluded.

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