Tune in to TVSN on Sunday 10th March to get Ready Carpet Ready for the 2024 awards season. Explore celebrity favourites in expert skincare products and routines, exquisite jewellery, and fashion-forward ensembles that capture the essence of red carpet elegance.

Among our esteemed brands are renowned dermatologist Dr. Lancer; skincare expert Emma Hardie; acclaimed jewellery designer Charlie Lapson; and fashion icon Isaac Mizrahi.

Big beauty brands

  • Christina Ricci joins a constellation of A-listers including Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Victoria Beckham, in entrusting their faces to Dr. Lancer. ‘The Lancer Method’ is dedicated to transforming skincare routines through his award-winning range of at-home products that embody the philosophy ‘From Practice to Product’.
  • Emma Hardie is another leader in skincare embraced by celebrities including Olivia Colman and Angelina Jolie. Hardie’s luxurious products offer rejuvenation and radiance, embodying the essence of red carpet beauty.
  • Foreo, one of TVSN’s newer brands is a favourite of celebrity make-up artist Ciara O’Shea who uses LED light therapy ‘smart mask’ on British TV presenter and model, Alexa Chung.

Camera ready fashion

  • No red carpet look is complete without the perfect fashion ensemble. Enter celebrity fashion icon Isaac Mizrahi – a visionary whose designs have adorned the most iconic figures in the fashion and entertainment world since the 1990s. Mizrahi joins the likes of Sacha Drake and Tash and Sophie, two other fashion brand collections fit for the stars.

Gorgeous jewellery

  • For the finishing touch, TVSN proudly presents Charlie Lapson, whose exquisite jewellery graces the necks and wrists of the stars. From dazzling diamonesque to statement pieces, Lapson’s creations add an air of opulence to any ensemble to the likes of Galilea Montijo and Angelica Vale at the Premio Lo Nuestro in Miami; to the entire cast legendary TV show, the Bold and the Beautiful.

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