Response To Australian Re Araluen Candidate

Australian Greens
  1. How did the party determine that Mr Tomlin’s online opinions warranted ejection from the party?

This decision was made in conjunction with Peltherre Chris Tomlins. He has not been ejected from the party but will no longer stand as the NT Greens Candidate for Araluen. Peltherre Chris remains committed to helping prioritise Greens values in this election campaign- particularly around truth telling and smarter responses in the justice system to look after First Nations kids.

  1. How would the party regard this decision in contrast to your state counterparts, i.e Newtown MP Jenny Leong’s support from the NSW Greens despite similar conduct?

The NT Greens are focused on the Northern Territory and best serving the community with candidates held to a high standard. These decisions are difficult to make in any context and we are committed to promoting Greens values of environmental sustainability, social justice, grassroots democracy, and peace and non-violence.

3. Has the party determined a new Araluen candidate?

Not yet.

  1. Is there any concern this could damage the party heading into the Territory election?

Campaigns are long and difficult, and this has been hard for the community. The Territory deserves the integrity and accountability it isn’t getting from the two old parties. The NT Greens are the only political party offering a real progressive alternative to Territorians and we are confident our messages are breaking through.

  1. Are you aware of any plans by Mr Tomlins to run as an independent?


  1. Given the similar online anti-semitism expressed by Police Minister Brent Potter. Would the NT Greens say there is a degree of bigotry that has not been properly addressed within the NT political sphere?

There is a problem with accountability and integrity within NT politics.

We have just heard the open admission of rampant racism within the NT Police Force. How can Territorians expect the Police Minister to address this when he faces no consequences for sharing racist, harmful, offensive social media posts himself?

With NT Labor is not only standing by Minister Potter, but downplaying and diminishing the harm of these posts, the NT community are crying out for integrity and a higher standard from those in public office.

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