Restoring Trust In Public Housing

SA Gov

The South Australian Housing Authority will be renamed the South Australian Housing Trust under a move by the Malinauskas Labor Government to restore community connection with the organisation and to better reflect its current objectives.

Originally established in 1936, the South Australian Housing Trust is widely recognised and associated with strong Government investment in quality public housing.

In 2018, SA Housing Authority (SAHA) was created and had responsibility for all functions of the Housing Trust.

As a result of decisions taken by former Governments, SAHA had a mandate to sell housing – which it did for 29 out of the past 30 years.

The South Australian Housing Trust will be responsible for enacting the Malinauskas Government’s reversal of this policy to stop the sale of 580 public housing properties over four years to 30 June 2026.

Not only has this government stopped the sale of public housing properties, it is also on track to deliver the biggest investment in public housing in decades, fast-tracking construction, with over 1,000 homes projected for completion by 2026.

Total commitments to public housing total 4,817 homes by 2026, including major updates and upgrades to existing homes.

Restoring the SA Housing Trust brand is a key initiative from the Premier’s Housing Roadmap.

By returning to this trusted name, the government is signalling a clear shift away from the sale of public housing and a renewed commitment to the original values and goals of the South Australian Housing Trust.

As put by Peter Malinauskas

Restoring the Housing Trust brand sends a clear message – this Government is committed to supporting low-income households and vulnerable South Australians.

The Housing Trust is special to me. My dad worked for the Trust for more than 35 years helping the organisation establish itself as a reliable, community support service.

This Government put a stop to the sale of public housing so the Trust can help more people in the community.

As put by Nick Champion

This Government is taking a stand and increasing the public housing stock in South Australia for the first time in a generation.

The Housing Trust represents stability, reliability and dedication to safe and high-quality public housing.

Our State has a proud public housing history and changing the name is a clear direction that the Housing Trust needs to get back to its core duty, delivering more public housing and support for more South Australians.

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