Resurrection of the Sunbury music festival set to thrill and delight

Barry Michaels_Sunbury Promo 1.jpg

Photo by Barry Michaels

In the history of Australian music, Sunbury holds its own unique place.

Those that were there know this as fact, and bands that played have clear and fond memories of what was the beginning of the Australian music festival as we know it.

Now, 50 years since the original four-year run of the Sunbury Pop/Rock Festival, memories old and new will flood its birthplace at the commemorative Sunbury ’24, hosted by Hume City Council at The Nook on Saturday 13 April.

The hot ticket items were snapped up by music lovers near and far, selling out in under a week to locals, Melburnians, into the far reaches of Victoria and even internationally.

For some, it will be a time to revisit the festival of the 1970’s, especially with original acts such as Richard Clapton, Ross Wilson and Joe Camilleri serving as headliners.

Additionally, a Sunbury ’24 exhibition running from 11 April to 5 May at the Gallery Hume Global Learning Centre – Sunbury will commemorate the 50th anniversary with photographs, objects and audio-visual references from Civic, community and state archive collections.

The exhibition is a chance to revisit pivotal moments from an important time for Australian music history, and demonstrate the lasting cultural legacy of the original festivals.

With around 30% of tickets sold going to revelers outside of Hume City, the exhibition offers another stop for visitors travelling in to witness the revamped event.

The Sunbury Music Festival has already put the town on the map once before, and this new event is set to see history repeated as visitors get the chance to experience all that Sunbury has to offer, with a daylong festival the perfect chance to stay and explore a host region.

The O’Shannassy Street eateries, the history of the Village Green war memorial and the Emu Bottom Wetlands are a small showcase of the mix of culture, history and stunning natural environment in the area.

Quotes attributable to Hume City Mayor Cr Naim Kurt:

“Sunbury ’24 is a celebration of the enduring legacy of the iconic Sunbury Pop Festival and its profound impact on Australian music, as well as the vibrant people and community of Sunbury today.”

“We’re thrilled to have secured original artists from one of the largest events ever held in Sunbury, that will pay homage to the symbolic coming-of-age moment this festival was for youth culture in Australia.”

“Events like this highlight the growing role of Hume as a major destination for events, and we encourage visitors to spend time after the festival exploring our city and supporting local tourist jobs.”

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