Reviewed Codes of Practices

Twenty-one Queensland codes of practice have been reviewed and approved under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 . The review was limited to the technical accuracy, readability and usability of the codes.

The following new codes will take effect on 1 March 2021:

The following Queensland code of practice is approved under the Electrical Safety Act 2002 to take effect on 1 March 2021:

Content changes have not been included in the revised codes of practice as the scope of the review was limited to minor amendments. The Office of Industrial Relations (OIR) recognises that some of the codes do not necessarily represent a contemporary understanding of the matters addressed and looks forward to working with SWA and industry stakeholders on a content review of the codes in the future.

This review was undertaken in accordance with Safe Work Australia (SWA) members who agreed that model codes of practice should be reviewed every five years from publication date. The scope of the first SWA review in 2018 was limited to examining the technical accuracy, usability and readability of the codes. All national model codes of practice, with the exception of the Managing Risks in Stevedoring Code of Practice, were subject to the SWA review. The review is complete and has been endorsed by all work health and safety Ministers for adoption by jurisdictions.

Following SWA’s review, OIR has updated the corresponding 21 Queensland codes of practice that are based on the national model codes. This process included ensuring the revised codes also reflected Queensland specific legislation and regulatory environment. OIR also consulted with the Industry Sector Standing Committees (ISSCs) and the Electrical Safety Board the codes were finalised and have now been approved.

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