RODIN Marks 30 Years of Pioneering IT Solutions for Australian SMEs


RODIN proudly celebrates its 30th anniversary as a leading IT services provider in an industry known for its rapid evolution. Since its inception in 1993, RODIN has become synonymous with delivering innovative and cost-effective IT solutions to Australian SMEs. At its core, RODIN has always been committed to seamlessly integrating information systems and providing quality IT support to enable businesses to focus on core business drivers, freeing them from the burden of handling IT issues.

Key milestones from RODIN’s 30-year odyssey include:

  • Pioneering IT Infrastructure: As the internet burgeoned in the early ’90s, RODIN championed robust IT solutions, propelling businesses into the digital age.

  • Simplifying Cloud Integration: With the advent of the cloud computing era, RODIN has been at the forefront, guiding businesses through the complexities of cloud adoption and integration. Our bespoke cloud services are designed to ensure smooth scalability and superior performance, enabling businesses to thrive in a digital-first environment.

  • Elevating Cyber Security Standards: Recognising increasingly prevalent cyber threats, RODIN has continued to bolster its offerings by integrating robust mitigation strategies and aligning with the best practice frameworks to ensure resilient and secure digital operations.

  • Strategic Advisory and Enablement: RODIN’s advisory services go beyond conventional IT support, focusing on delivering outcomes that enable businesses to navigate the future and make the most on their IT investments.

“RODIN’s 30th anniversary marks a significant milestone that underscores our enduring commitment to innovation and top-tier IT services. Over the years, we’ve adapted to meet the shifting needs of Australian businesses, ensuring that we remain a trusted partner for growth and success as the role of technology in business continues to expand. This enduring commitment to excellence is also supported by our dedicated staff, with many showcasing their unwavering dedication across 20+ years of service to the company.” – Boris Stankovic, General Manager, RODIN.

From its humble beginnings in Wollongong in 1993, RODIN has adapted agilely to the ever-evolving IT landscape. As internet access became increasingly accessible via commercial ISPs in the early ’90s, RODIN took immediate charge by offering robust IT infrastructure to help businesses capitalise on this new frontier. As cloud computing emerged as a game-changer, RODIN simplified the complexities of cloud integration, allowing businesses to scale effortlessly. Recognising the growing threats in cybersecurity, the company enhanced its services with proactive security measures and robust risk management, ensuring that businesses could operate securely in an increasingly digital environment. Extending beyond IT support, RODIN is committed to equipping Australian businesses for IT-powered success through their strategic advisory and enablement services. These services offer a well-defined technology roadmap, providing businesses with the tools they need to future-proof and secure their IT investments.

As RODIN enters its 30th year, the company aims to maintain its position as a leading IT services provider while expanding its national footprint. Celebrating this significant milestone, the company is enthusiastic about continuing its journey, innovating and growing while serving its clients with the dedication that has been its hallmark for the past 30 years.

About us:

Established in 1993 in Wollongong, RODIN has etched its mark as a leading managed IT services provider. With a legacy spanning over three decades, they’ve been instrumental in steering Australian businesses towards digital excellence. Their repertoire boasts a spectrum of services, from overseeing IT infrastructure to facilitating seamless cloud transformations. Driven by a passion for bespoke solutions and unwavering quality, RODIN’s mission is to ensure that their client’s technological foundation remains not just robust but also innovative.

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