Royal Visit 2024: Time to Discuss Australia’s Standing on the World Stage

Australian Republic Movement

The Australian Republic Movement has welcomed news reports His Majesty King Charles III and Queen Camilla will visit Australia in October 2024.

National Director and CEO Isaac Jeffrey said: “King Charles III is King of Australia. Our Constitution puts him, his heirs and successors at the top of our Parliament, Government and court system with members of these institutions swearing allegiance to him and carrying out their work in his name. There’s no election, no appointment, nor even a simple endorsement from the Australian people – he just holds the position by gift of birthright in perpetuity.

“The King’s visit with his wife, Queen Camilla, is the opportunity for Australians to have a discussion about our place in the world. King Charles strongly advocates for Britain, the British people, trade and economy when visiting abroad. His son, our future King, Prince William uses his privileged position to actively lobby for Britain, including their desire to host local sporting events and supporting local charities. That’s all absolutely appropriate – for Britain.

“But the question Australians are asking is, who advocates for us? Australia needs our own local Head of State to put us on an equal footing with other nations, including the United Kingdom. We need a local to promote Australia, Australian industry and trade, safeguard our Constitution, command our military, encourage people to visit and hold events in Australia, and to handle a multitude of official overseas visits leaving the Prime Minster in the country to primarily focus on domestic policy issues, like fixing the cost of living.

“We deserve nothing less than someone elected by us and working full-time in our best interests to give us parity with the rest of the world.

“A republic would be the opportunity for us to update our Constitution to ensure our officials and officeholders swear allegiance to Australia, our laws and Constitution, and to the Australian people and their best interests.

“We have written to King Charles to request a meeting during his visit. We have asked if he could make a public statement supporting the will of the Australian people and noting their desire to stand as equals on the world stage, and to make this important nation-building step together.

“In the letter, we note Australia and Britain will always remain the closest of friends and strongest of allies.

“The King’s visit comes at a time when ARM will be hosting nationwide engagements on the Australian republic and we look forward to sharing our discussions with both the Australian people and the King.”

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