Sal Perna AM announced as Greyhound Industry Reform Inspector

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The State Government has confirmed Mr Sal Perna AM as Greyhound Industry Reform Inspector (GIRI).

Mr Perna’s career spans five decades of fighting crime and corruption.

He was appointed as Victoria’s inaugural Racing Integrity Commissioner in 2010 and provided independent oversight of integrity in the state’s multi-billion-dollar racing industry, completing his tenure in March 2021. In this role, Mr Perna was responsible for a 2015 inquiry into live baiting in greyhound racing in Victoria.

A former police officer, he is currently an Independent Director of the International Tennis Integrity Agency, a panel member of the National Sports Tribunal and a board member of both the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Independent Ethics Board and the National Basketball League’s Advisory Board.

As GIRI, Mr Perna will oversee Greyhound Racing South Australia’s actions in response to the recommendations made by former Victorian Police Commissioner Graham Ashton in the Independent Inquiry into the Governance of the Greyhound Racing Industry, completed in December 2023.

The recommendations include significant animal welfare, integrity and administrative reforms, the implementation of which will now be overseen by Mr Perna, with Greyhound Racing South Australia to deliver the changes required.

Mr Perna will commence in the role in the coming months, with the Government considering legislation to support Mr Perna’s powers as GIRI to ensure he is able to fulfil his role without hindrance.

He will regularly report to the Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing, with a final report due two years after his term officially commences.

As put by Katrine Hildyard

The important inquiry conducted by Mr Graham Ashton has created clear recommendations for the greyhound racing industry to reform. It is critical to have someone with exemplary integrity and leadership to oversee this reform.

I am very pleased that Mr Sal Perna AM will be the Greyhound Industry Reform Inspector. His extensive experience in and passion for integrity and ethics in sport and racing will be vital as the industry undertakes its process of reform and evolves in line with societal expectations.

I look forward to Mr Perna commencing in this critical role and to his oversight of, Greyhound Racing South Australia and greyhound racing industry stakeholders as they work to address the identified issues, improve the welfare of greyhounds and generate public confidence in their efforts, the sport and its future.

As put by Sal Perna AM, Greyhound Industry Reform Inspector

Our racing industries need to operate with integrity – and there is always room for improvement.

I am pleased to take on the role of Greyhound Industry Reform Inspector and look forward to working with Greyhound Racing SA as they implement the changes recommended by Mr Ashton, providing a new future for the sport.

Integrity is critical to success in racing. Without integrity, the industry’s reputation is damaged, people won’t bet, and stakeholders lose confidence. It also goes without saying that the welfare of Greyhounds must be a priority, not just their racing ability.

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