SAPOL’s Operation Hurricane 2 helps drive down crime rates

A targeted operation by South Australia Police over the past few months has seen a reduction in reported crime in known hotspots across the city.

Operation Hurricane 2 was launched in early March in response to a spike in theft from homes, businesses and motor vehicles.

During Operation Hurricane 2 a significant number of additional resources from across SAPOL proactively targeted repeat offenders and criminal hot spots with a view to disrupting criminal activities.

During the 13-week long operation 1,883 people were apprehended.

Those hotspots targeted as part of this operation saw a 23.5% reduction in volume crime when compared with the same time last year.

Minister for Police Corey Wingard has praised SAPOL for their efforts in driving down crime rates across the State.

“The results of Operation Hurricane 2 show that police have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to recidivist offenders and crime hotspots,” Minister Wingard said.

“1,883 apprehensions during a 13 week period is a great result and will go a long way to ensuring South Australians continue to feel safe and secure.

“It is disappointing that Offences Against Property increased 11% in the rolling year to the end of April 2020 but that’s why SAPOL’s tough response through Operation Hurricane 2 should be applauded.

“It’s also frustrating that Theft and Related Offences increased by 16% but when you drill down into the statistics there is an emerging issue inflating that percentage – and that is petrol station drive offs.

“Police can only do so much. The industry needs to be looking at crime preventative measures for dealing with the issue.

“There are options available including pre-payment or a pre-authorisation charge that will assist operators to reduce the amount of drive offs.”

Recent statistics also show that overall, Offences Against the Person were down, with a significant decrease in aggravated sexual assault (-11%) and dangerous and negligent acts (-39%).

“The Marshall Government is tough on crime and we make no apologies for that.

“We’ve invested heavily in the security of our State since coming into government, to the tune of around $80 million, because we know that South Australians want and need to feel safe and secure.”

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