Schools return to on-site teaching and learning

NSW Department of Education

The NSW Department of Education is confident all schools in NSW will resume on-site teaching and learning on Wednesday for students and families.

More than 1800 of 2200 schools were open on Tuesday with minimal supervision as a result of the unlawful industrial action taken by the Teachers Federation.

Education secretary Georgina Harrisson thanked the thousands of dedicated teachers who remained at work to allow so many schools to stay open for students and families in need.

“We are hopeful there will be no further disruptions,” Ms Harrisson said.

“Our students and their families have already endured enough challenges this year.”

Ms Harrisson said the department was seeking to resolve the dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission. The department’s application for an interim award – to provide a 2.5% salary increase to teachers from January 2022 – is continuing to progress before the Commission. The department has taken this action, rather than waiting until the conclusion of the Commission’s arbitration hearings, scheduled for May 2022.

Separately, the department was continuing its reforms – in consultation with teachers and other school-based staff – to address release time and teacher supply challenges.

“The Department has set a target to reduce its low-value administrative work by 20 per cent by 2022 and has been working very closely with schools to identify ways to do this,” she said.

“This will result in 40 hours per year in time returned to teachers and school executive to focus on learning.”

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