Social acknowledgement and posttraumatic stress symptoms in response to historical trauma in Poland

Australian Psychological Society

By Damien Stewart, PhD Candidate, Office of Psychology & Public Health, La Trobe University and Honorary Associate Professor Michael Halloran, Office of Psychology & Public Health, La Trobe University

I first travelled to Poland in August 2018 as part of a WWII tour of Germany. Upon arrival, it did not take long for me to connect with Poland and her WWII history, a history of incredible suffering, heroism, courage, and after 49 years of oppression, eventual independence, and freedom. I became so engaged with Polish WWII history that I opened my own tour business ‘Poland At War Tours’ in 2023, designed to educate people about the events of WWII in Poland, including the Holocaust. My interest has also led to me commencing a PhD. on Intergenerational Trauma in Poland following WWII, the rationale for which I have outlined in the article below.

Ahead of the International Congress of Psychology (ICP)

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