Speech – Gladstone APLNG

Prime Minister

I’ve always been an optimist about Australia’s future – and communities like Gladstone give new cause for optimism every day.

All of us are living in a time of profound, global economic change.

Australia has had to deal with the shocks – and aftershocks – of a once-in-a-century pandemic, followed by the most significant international energy crisis in 50 years.

And alongside this, there is a global economic transformation underway.

Nations around the world are re-investing in their economic sovereignty, modernising their industrial base and embracing clean energy.

This is the global race for a new generation of jobs and industries and opportunities.

Australia has to be in that race – and we should be in it to win it.

And when you stand here in Gladstone, you know we can win it.

We can make our future here in Australia.

The great story of Gladstone is one of reinvention and renewal.

Transforming this community into an international industrial centre.

And building the infrastructure that connects Queensland resource communities, throughout the state, to this port and to our region.

That’s what the milestone you mark today is all about.

Australian resources, including Australian gas, helping power the economies of the fastest growing region of the world in human history.

Helping to underwrite the global energy transition.

And creating good secure jobs, here in Australia as well.

Gladstone shows precisely what Queenslanders and Australians can achieve when we anticipate economic change – and act to seize its opportunities.

And Gladstone is once again embarked on that work of transformation.

This has long been a great resources and energy centre, in a great resources and energy state.

It will remain so – even as its role evolves and expands.

Because Gladstone can be a global hub for green metals, green minerals and green hydrogen.

And it can be home to a new generation of secure jobs for good wages.

Australia is home to the resources the world needs to reach net zero.

Extracting those resources is vital for our economy, it always will be.

But we should aim to do more than just extract and export, watching as the value gets added and the jobs get created elsewhere, before we buy the products back.

We have the people, the skills, the science and research.

We have the energy and technology.

We have businesses committed to innovation and production.

We can do more, to build on our strengths.

To make the most of our advantages.

To make our future here in Australia, here in Queensland, here in Gladstone.

This is a time of significant change.

But above all, it is a moment of great opportunity – for this proud community and for our great country.

Together, I know we can seize it. Together, we can shape the future.

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