Sport Integrity Australia statement on anti-doping system

Sport Integrity Australia

Sport Integrity Australia has moved to reassure Australian athletes of the agency’s commitment to ensuring the global anti-doping system is thorough, fair and transparent.

Athletes in Australia and around the world need to have trust in the global anti-doping system and have confidence that all competitions are fair and that all athletes are treated fairly.

Sport Integrity Australia’s commitment statement comes in the wake of media commentary and speculation concerning the swimming contamination matter in the lead-up to the Tokyo Olympics.

Sport Integrity Australia CEO David Sharpe said Australian athletes are regularly tested and held to the highest level of accountability.

While not alleging any wrongdoing, Mr Sharpe has called for clarification of facts in the handling of these matters to restore faith in the global anti-doping system.

Mr Sharpe acknowledged the need for protection mechanisms in the anti-doping system to protect athletes subject to cases of contamination but reinforced the need for transparency.

Sport Integrity Australia has written to WADA directly, seeking clarity around the processes performed in the handling of the case.

Mr Sharpe is calling on WADA to initiate an independent review of the regulatory framework and processes applied.

“We need to remember not all athletes have legal training and understand the intricacies of the World Anti-Doping Code so it is important to break this down in clear, concise facts to ensure confidence in the world anti-doping system can be restored,” he said.

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